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What is NOUN Summary?


Do you want an easy way to understand your NOUN study materials without changing anything? That’s where NOUN summaries come in!

Launched by NounGeeks  in 2017 when we created this NOUN group to assist students back in 2017, these summaries break down all the important stuff from your NOUN books into smaller, easy-to-read bits.

NOUN summary refers specifically to study materials designed for students at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN).

These summaries target bulky course materials and break them down into concise, easy-to-read formats to help students prepare for exams.

There are two main types of NOUN summaries:


1.  Course Summaries


Course summaries are condensed versions of the official NOUN course materials, which can be quite lengthy. They aim to provide students with a concise and easy-to-read review of the key points from each course.


Course summaries cover the main topics and concepts from the entire course material. Ideally, they provide all the information you might need to succeed in the exam without much stress because it’s easy to read and understand.

2.  Exam Summaries


These focus on extracting key points, potential exam questions, and answers directly from the course materials, often including past exam questions for practice.


Since its inception around 2017, NounGeeks’ NOUN Summaries have become a trusted resource for countless students.


Past and present NOUN students have used our summaries to achieve academic excellence, proving their effectiveness time and again.